What are Babysits Badges?

What are Babysits Badges?

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When looking for a babysitter or a babysitting job, one of the first things you should think about is your visibility. To improve your visibility, you should earn more badges!

Badges are a way to improve your search ranking on the platform. The more badges you earn, the higher your chances of being contacted by other Babysits users.

Earning badges is not just about increasing your visibility, it’s also about building a motivated community by showcasing high quality and verified profiles.

This means that having a complete profile and engaging often with the Babysits platform will increase your chances of finding a job as a babysitter or finding the perfect childcare provider for your children.

Watch the video below to see how you can unlock all the Babysits badges:

If you’re interested to know all the specific features of each badge, continue to read!

Babysits’ badges are shown with our dear mascot, Barry, who is always dedicated to helping the Babysits community! Have a look at the picture below to see all of them:

Earn the badges to improve your visibility

How do I earn badges?

Earn the badges to improve your visibility

1. Email verified - First of all you should create a profile and verify your email in order to start your journey with Babysits!

2. Profile photo - Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you’re ready to create your profile. First things first, you need to upload a profile picture. To take the perfect profile photo, ensure you are facing the camera directly, have a plain white background with no filters. Avoid accessories like sunglasses or hats and ensure good lighting.

3. Extended profile description - It’s important to introduce yourself and specify why you’re looking for a job or a babysitter.

4. Profile video - This is highly recommended because a video can tell more about you than a picture. While making your profile video, try to use all 40 seconds available to be clear, concise and - most importantly - yourself!

Earn the badges to improve your visibility

5. Verified account - We are a trustworthy babysitting platform, and as such, we provide the option for users to verify their identity with a government ID check. For more information click here.

6. First Reference - To make your profile even more professional and trustworthy, you should ask for a reference. References are a great way to let other people know how reliable you are to work with.

7. Facebook connected - Connect with Facebook and discover your trusted connections with parents and babysitters.

8. Apple connected - Connect with Apple to verify your account.

Earn the badges to improve your visibility

9. Google connected - Connect with Google and discover your trusted connections with parents and babysitters.

10. LinkedIn connected - Connect with LinkedIn to verify your account.

11. Following on Facebook - Follow Babysits on Facebook to discover tips, tricks and fantastic ideas.

12. Following on Instagram - Follow Babysits on Instagram to discover DIY ideas, kids' recipes, and tips for babysitters and parents.

Earn the badges to improve your visibility

13. LinkedIn professional - You are a professional, so follow Babysits on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with the company's achievements and more behind the scenes!

14. Shared on Facebook - Share your profile on Facebook to let your friends know about your new profile!

15. Shared on Twitter - Share your profile on Twitter to reach an even larger audience!

16. Availability updated - Whether you’re looking for a job or a babysitter, it’s really important to specify when you’re available/when you need someone. This way, it will be easier to find the right match.

Earn the badges to improve your visibility

17. Phone number verified - Verify your phone number here in order to make communication with other users more reliable.

18. Distributed my poster - Download and distribute your personalized poster to increase your chances within the offline babysitting community too.

19. First Booking - With the parent or the babysitter, use our booking planner to meet each other. This will help you keep track of all of your bookings.

20. First Review - How did the appointment go? We hope it went really well! If so, you can ask the users you’ve been in touch with to leave you a review.

Earn the badges to improve your visibility

21. First repeat appointment - Would you like to work again with the same person? Plan another appointment with the same user.

22. Recent Login - If you want to appear on the first page of the Babysits search results, you need to log in every few days!

Barry, the Babysits Mascot!

The badges seem like a lot, but just by creating and publishing your profile, you’re already almost halfway there.

The more badges Babysits users earn, the more trustworthy the platform is! Start now in order to be part of this amazing babysitting community!

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