Story of the Tooth Fairy

Story of the Tooth Fairy


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Every year kids all over the world lose their baby teeth to make room for their new adult teeth. The tooth fairy has a lot of work to do every night! Nowadays it is scary for her to work and collect all the fallen baby teeth around the world. She also does not have time to answer all the letters she receives every day. But do not worry! We have talked to her, and she has given us all the answers for you to give to your kids! Not only can you explain to kids how the Tooth Fairy works, but you can also explain why our teeth fall out.

First of all, why do our teeth fall out when we are kids?

Let's start from the beginning! When we are born we do not have any teeth! Ask your parents to show you some cute pictures and you will see you had no teeth! And, a few months after you are born, they grow. However, these teeth will not be with you forever!

Usually, babies show their first teeth when they are between 6 and 12 months old. And these teeth are called primary teeth, milk teeth, or baby teeth. A few years later, they fall out! But why?

This means that your permanent teeth are ready to show! And they are pushing the primary ones out so they get their own space! Your permanent teeth are a much stronger and longer-lasting version of the baby ones! If taken care of properly, they can last forever!

These strong new teeth will help you eat and talk during your whole life. Isn't that a long time? That is why is so important to take care of them! We only have two sets of teeth to look after, so be patient and do the most you can.

Here you can find some tips on how to take care of them

the importance of washing your teeth

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Avoid sweets
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Floss
  • Regular dental checkups

So, is she coming to pick up my teeth?

Nowadays, because of the situation, she needs to be cautious! That is why she can not visit all of us every night. This means that when one of your teeth falls, instead of waiting until the next morning for her little gift, you might have to wait a few days!

She also told us she is super busy! And she is scared of the virus, therefore sometimes she will have to wait until she is allowed to visit you again. Do not panic! She will come eventually!

What can you do to help The Tooth Fairy?

The Tooth Fairy is lonely these days since she is not visiting her friends either! She has to take precaution and keep her distance too! So she feels sad sometimes. But we have a little idea to cheer her up! What about sending her a gift? We are sure she will love it!

For example, you can create your favorite DIY from the ones available or a beautiful painting and put it under your pillow, so she can pick it up whenever she can! Or maybe you can put it inside an envelope and send it to her!

Where does the Tooth Fairy live?

Remember, when one of your teeth falls out, before going to bed, wash your teeth, leave a gift for the Tooth Fairy and be patient. She will come back soon, maybe you can see her in your dreams! And take care of your teeth, so she will be happy and proud of you!

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